Pioneering Pathology

Our story started back in 1981, in Mumbai, the bustling business capital of India. Laboratory medicine was in its infancy in the country of one billion but one medical laboratory was already making the news with its penchant for technology and quality. One laboratory was constantly re-setting the bar for innovation: Metropolis! Dr. Sushil Shah is the man behind Metropolis Healthcare Ltd, an organization that gave India its very first referral laboratory in 1981. There has been no turning back ever since and we have been responsible for bringing in the best of medical test and technologies to India ever since. We have continued to progress, grow and acquire bigger dimensions as we aim to become a global network of highly automated & sophisticated diagnostic laboratories synonymous with cutting-edge technology, accuracy, efficiency, unparalleled customer service and above all a stringent ethical code.


Dr Sushil Shah launched India’s very first referral Laboratory
Our story started back in 1981, in Mumbai, the bustling business capital of India. There has been no turning back ever since and we have been responsible for bringing in the best of technologies to India. We have continued to progress, grow and acquire bigger dimensions as we aim to become a global network of highly automated & sophisticated diagnostic laboratories synonymous with cutting-edge technology, accuracy, efficiency, unparalleled customer service and above all a stringent ethical code.

Come and take a look at how we have grown from strength to strength!

Our role in diagnosis of hormonal disorders and detection of allergies
We introduced to the nation, the most reliable and effective diagnostic method to detect plasma levels of hormones in the body. Metropolis became one of the first diagnostic laboratories in India to offer comprehensive range of immunoassays by RIA. RIA as it is referred to, is an extremely sensitive bioassay technique.


Metropolis gains recognition as a referral center at a national level.
Our penchant for technology and innovation, our commitment to highest standards of quality gave us an edge over our peers and we soon became the leading name in diagnostics at a national level. Ever since, we have continued to be the biggest reference laboratory in India.


We played a part in early diagnosis and disease management of HIV in India
We introduced HIV testing in India for the first time, thereby making early diagnosis and diseases management possible which has a direct impact on patient outcomes including quality of life.


Early focus on Automation and Accurate Diagnosis
We not only introduced Radio-immunoassays in India but also were the first to automate immunoassays. Automation helped us eliminate manual errors thereby improving efficiency & reliability resulting in accurate diagnosis.


We automated our Microbiology unit with a special focus on Tuberculosis
We were at the forefront in adopting automation for Clinical Microbiology. We stayed ahead of the trend and this move helped us enhance laboratory performance and bring about substantial productivity gains. But most importantly, automation helped us improve the turnaround time significantly thereby contributing to faster treatment decisions for patients.


Developments in diagnosis of HIV and early detection of blood cancer
We became the first private laboratory to introduce Flow Cytometry in India. It is a laser based technology with widespread diagnosis and management of several diseases


Significant progressions in Molecular Diagnostics
First to adopt and introduce a US/FDA approved technology for HIV & HCV Viral Load testing. We introduced the concept of Branched DNA technology in India, a highly sensitive diagnostic method and a unique and powerful tool for reliable quantification of nucleic acid molecules (DNA, RNA).


Takes a leap in Immunochemistry, thereby aiding in accurate diagnosis and management of several diseases
Metropolis introduces Nephelometry, a standard test to quickly and accurately measure the levels of certain proteins called Immunoglobulins in the blood. These proteins play a significant role in fighting infections. Nephelometry has significant applications in chronic infections, inflammation, different types of cancers, rheumatoid arthritis etc. In addition, it is also used to assess heart disease (estimation of apolipoproteins), thrombophilia and a host of other health conditions.


Introduced rapid and definitive diagnosis of Tuberculosis
(Reducing the report turnaround time from 4-5 weeks to 4-5 hours)

Tuberculosis has continued to be a national health burden for over decades. The standard culture method for diagnosis is time consuming and gives definitive diagnosis in about 3-8 weeks. In 1998, we introduced TMA (Transcription Mediated Amplification), a highly sensitive and specific technique for rapid diagnosis of Tuberculosis from body fluids and tissues. This test can give a result within hours thereby allowing doctors to start treatment and manage the disease effectively.


Making strides in diagnosis of haemoglobin disorders
We initiated a superior technique (HPLC – High Performance Liquid Chromatography) for accurate diagnosis of Thalassemia. In addition, the test is also useful in neonatal screening, prenatal diagnosis and management & prevention of major haemoglobin disorders.

Metropolis launches Surgical Pathology & IHC section
We launched our Histopathology unit in 2003 and today we are proud to be the one stop diagnostic surgical pathology set-up in India with an exhaustive test menu of over 400 tests


A testament to our Quality, efficiency and accuracy
Metropolis was awarded NABL accreditation in 2004 (National Accreditation Board for testing and Calibration Laboratories)


Global Validation of our Quality policy and program
Metropolis receives the CAP certification (The College of American Pathologists), the global gold standard in Laboratory Accreditation

We were the very first to introduce HIV drug resistance testing in Asia
The use of drug resistance testing has become an integral part of HIV clinical care. In fact genotyping has been made mandatory before beginning course of treatment. Availability of drug resistance testing has made a huge difference in terms of disease control outcomes and quality of life.

Metropolis embarks on a global expansion spree
Metropolis becomes the first Indian laboratory to set global footprints. We expanded to Sri Lanka in 2005 and have grown rapidly in the country over the decade.


We were the first in healthcare to adopt SAP for Data Management
Becomes the first pathology laboratory in India to develop comprehensive, online and true web based LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) to integrate with SAP.

Metropolis sets its footprints in the Middle Eastern Market
Metropolis expands to UAE and Middle East. We have significantly consolidated our presence over the decade

Achieving excellence in diagnostics
Metropolis bags the Modern Medicare Diagnostic Company of the year award in 2006

ICICI Venture invests in Metropolis
ICICI Venture Fund has invested for a minority stake in Metropolis Health Services. Tne funds have been largely utilised for strategic national acquisitions.


Our relentless commitment to Quality receives a further stamp
Metropolis receives Certification with CLIA, USA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments).

A new global destination every year! Metropolis expands to South Africa
Metropolis is the only reputed chain of laboratories from India to have expanded to South Africa.


Metropolis advances Cervical Cancer Screening
We introduced a superior technology called Liquid Based Cytology for definitive diagnosis of cervical carcinoma.

Metropolis introduces DNA test to determine parentage
DNA Paternity Test is a non-invasive, risk free procedure to determine biological parentage and is the most accurate available technique.


Using genetics to predict hair loss and baldness patterns
We launched the Genetic Hair Loss test that has helped predict hair loss in thousands of individuals before it occurs.

Awarded Best Diagnostics Service Provider across the Nation
Metropolis had been awarded as the Best Diagnostic Service Provider by the Frost and Sullivan across India in 2010

Metropolis Healthcare announces investment of up to $85 million by Warburg Pincus

The deal paved a way for ICICI ventures to exit and completely divest its minority holding in the company. The deal also made it possible for Metropolis to pursue strategic national and international acquisitions.


Our advanced data management systems win us recognition and admiration from the industry
Metropolis was also awarded for Best IT Integration in Customer Service Management in Healthcare Industry at the e-Health World Expo

Taking Cytogenetics a step further
We automated our Cytogenetics (study of a cell) unit with a metaphase finder that has enhanced cancer screening significantly and has had a huge impact on the laboratory turn-around time.

Ameera Shah bestowed with Young Achiever and Young Entrepreneur Award
Ameera Shah Bloomberg UTV bestowed Ameera Shah with ‘Young Entrepreneur of India’ Award 2011 and she was also conferred with the prestigious Young Achiever Award at the CMO ASIA Awards for Excellence in Branding and Marketing, held at Singapore.
Introduced superior technology to diagnose cancer and detect genetic abnormalities
We introduced FISH (Fluorescent in-situ hybridisation) that maps the genetic material. This has helped us diagnose different types of cancers, genetic and chromosomal irregularities and has a huge advantage over conventional techniques


Metropolis bolsters its position as experts in Cancer Cytogenetics
Metropolis becomes the only laboratory to provide comprehensive and complete diagnosis of cancer. We introduced a wide range of molecular markers as per WHO recommendation and initiated newer and superior methodologies with reflex strategies that give the doctor and patient complete information of health condition

Honoured for our best practices in Human Resources Management
Our people are our biggest assets. Empowering team members to take decisions and be accountable for them has brought us a long way and will take us further. Recognising our employee friendly policies, Metropolis was honoured with the Quality Brand Award 2012 – 2014 by NEHRDO (National Education for Human Resource Development Organisation)


First and only reputed chain of laboratories from India to enter Kenya.


First and only reputed chain of laboratories from India to enter Mauritius & Ghana.

Ameera Shah gains international recognition for Exemplary Leadership
Ameera Shah, Managing Director & CEO, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd, was awarded the ‘Exemplary Women Leadership Award’ at the World Women Leadership Congress & Awards 2014.
Ameera Shah, CEO & MD listed in the highly acclaimed ‘40 under 40’ List
Ameera Shah was listed in the highly respected ‘40 under 40 list’, a list of most respected leaders under 40 years by Economic Times & Spencer Stuart
Metropolis becomes the first private referral Lab in India to launch “IHC TRAINING MODULE” & “GLASS SLIDE LIBRARY” for Post Graduate students

Metropolis gains International Recognition
Metropolis became the only global chain of Diagnostics to win India’s Most Promising Brand Award by World Consulting and Research Corporation (WCRC) in. The process Advisors & Evaluators were Ernst & Young.

Metropolis add another feather to its CAP
Our Histopathology unit gets CAP accreditation for over 400 tests in Anatomic Pathology, Cytopathology, CISH, FISH, IHC & LBC. We are the only laboratory in India to have been accredited for such a wide test menu.

Metropolis wins Emerging Company Award
Metropolis Healthcare Ltd won the Emerging Company Award by the Business Today group. Metropolis was one of the very few companies that won the award for best practices in the industry and for creating employment opportunities.


Ameera Shah gains international acclaim
Ameera Shah, MD & CEO was featured by Forbes Asia in Power Business Women and recognised as Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum

Metropolis Healthcare wins Best Diagnostic Chain Award
Metropolis Healthcare wins the National Awards for excellence in Healthcare constituted by the CMO Asia group.


Metropolis enters Zambia by having its first laboratory in Lusaka