Oncomet Logo FINAL with taglineIndia has an estimated 1 Million new Cancer Diagnosis each year and last year alone over 7 lakh patients succumbed to cancer. A large number of cases aren’t detected or under-diagnosed. Oncologists and organ specific specialists are very few in numbers in India. India has about one onco-specialist for over 2000 cancer patients.

In order to ease the burden of cancer diagnosis in India, Metropolis brings forth a one of its kind revolutionary concept of conclusive cancer diagnosis.

Oncomet is a specialised division of Metropolis dedicated towards Cancer Diagnosis. In Onco-diagnosis single point, cost effective & quick diagnosis is a major void today. Oncomet with its comprehensive capabilities right from Morphology to Molecular Oncology helps bridge this void!

  • Oncomet Technology

    At Oncomet, we put together the best of technology and years of experience which has enabled us to be a one stop solution for Cancer Diagnosis. Working alongside with the consulting onco-specialist, our only aim for each patient is that he/she gets an absolute diagnosis of her condition. Listed are just a few of the technologies that we have adopted.

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  • Subspeciality Pathology

    At Oncomet, our only aim is to provide conclusive diagnosis to each case that we receive. In this endeavour, we have provided easy reference to Oncologists and Oncospecialists through our Sub-specialities section. We also have experts for each sub specialities to guide the consulting oncologist and the patient through diagnosis and monitoring.

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  • Sample Instructions

    There are different types of Cancer. Sample Preparation is a meticulous procedure and needs to be done with caution for precise and conclusive diagnosis. While we follow a stringent testing protocol, it is also important that the sample is prepared in a best possible way to get the most accurate results.

    Read through our exhaustive guide! Please feel free to ask for help in case of any queries!

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  • Testimonials

    It is one thing to say that we do great work but the proof lies in the testimonials. Having handled more than a million cases, we are happy to have impacted many a lives. It gives us immense satisfaction that doctors and institutes rely on us for conclusive cancer diagnosis.

    See what our clients and customers have to say!

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  • Academic Resources

    Our expert scientific team contribute to National and Internal Publications, present posters and papers at various academic and medical institutes. We have put together a library of academic resources for ready reference.

    Take a look at all of them here!

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