Pathology Testing Services

Metropolis is India’s first multi-national chain of diagnostic centers with 150 state of the art laboratories in 7 countries and over 1000 collection centers across countries. Our Laboratory Services has been segmented in to 7 core functions. Though many tests and test combinations overlap with each other, all section units work in tandem. The segmentation is critical since the techniques, automation and quality process that each section demands in unique from each other.

  • Clinical Chemistry

    Clinical chemistry is the area of clinical pathology that is generally concerned with analysis of blood (Whole blood, serum, plasma), urine, body fluids for screening, diagnosis and monitoring of many diseases.

    Metropolis has a fully automated Clinical Chemistry section! Read more on the various tests, automation, infrastructure and special features!

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  • Clinical Microbiology

    The clinical microbiology laboratory is central to the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases. Accurate and timely

    diagnosis of infectious diseases is crucial in appropriate therapeutic management of patients. Automation helps us provide accuracy and the best turn around time.

    Read more on our expertise in Microbiology!

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  • Cytogenetics

    Cytogenetics is a branch of genetics that is concerned with the study of the structure and function of the cell, especially the chromosomes in health and disease.

    In addition to full fledged Cytogenetics department including molecular cytogenetics, Metropolis also offers genetic counselling services.

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  • Haematology

    Haematopathology & Hemostasis are the branches of pathology which studies diseases of blood cells & blood components. Metropolis provides diagnostic evaluation of blood, bone marrow, and related biological samples for diagnosis of specific haematological diseases including Anemias, Leukemias, Lymphomas, Thalessemias, Haemoglobinopathies etc. Read more on why we are best at Haematology!

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  • Molecular Diagnostics

    “Molecular diagnostics” is a broad term describing a class of diagnostic tests that assess a person’s health literally at a molecular level, detecting and measuring specific genetic sequences in DNA or RNA.
    Molecular diagnostics detect and measure the presence of genetic material or proteins associated with a specific health condition or disease.

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  • Surgical Pathology

    Surgical pathology is the most significant and time-consuming area of practice for most anatomical pathologists. It includes Histopathology, Cytopathology & Immunohistochemistry.

    Metropolis is the leading provider of Surgical Pathology services in India

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  • Research & Development

    Translational research is the basis for the testing performed at Metropolis Laboratories. A reference lab needs have an exhaustive test menu and it is important to add new tests whenever there is a demand due to increased awareness. Some of these tests give an added value to the organization and an edge over the peer labs.

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