Molecular Diagnostics

Molecular diagnostics is a dynamic and transformative area of diagnostics, leading to insights in research and treatment in many disease states that are revolutionizing health care. Molecular diagnostics detect and measure the presence of genetic material or proteins associated with a specific health condition or disease, helping to uncover the underlying mechanisms of disease and enabling clinicians to tailor care at an individual level – facilitating the practice of “personalized medicine.”

Why is it used?

“Molecular diagnostics” is a broad term describing a class of diagnostic tests that assess a person’s health literally at a molecular level, detecting and measuring specific genetic sequences in deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) or ribonucleic acid (RNA).


The molecular diagnostics industry is growing rapidly, thanks to the inherent accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, and quick turnaround of molecular techniques. In applying molecular diagnostic technology, different methods can be utilized to address different questions.

  • Qiasymphony – An automated DNA/RNA extraction system with assay set up unit
  • Roche COBAS® AmpliPrep/COBAS TaqMan – Fully automated, closed system for – HIV/HBV/HCV Viral load testing
  • Cepheid’s GeneXpert – fully integrated and automated single module on- demand molecular diagnostic system.
  • Applied Biosystems® 3500 Dx Genetic Analyzer – for DNA Sequencing and Fragment Analysis
  • Other Instruments – Rotor-Gene® Q MDx 5plex HRM Platform, Veriti Gradient Thermal Cycler, Luminometer Leader 50i for Transcription Mediated Amplification (TMA)


Why Metropolis?

Metropolis is a leader in molecular diagnostic testing and offers comprehensive test menu through more than 200 molecular diagnostic tests. These tests fall under different areas of medicine, including infectious disease, oncology, genetic testing, human leukocyte antigen typing (which investigates and predicts immune function), predictive diagnostics (identification of a disorder before appearance of clinical symptoms), and pharmacogenomics—the genetic prediction of which drugs will work best. In addition, we offer pre- and post-test counseling.